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A suicidal veteran needs our help immediately

Team, We have a suicidal, wounded veteran who needs our immediate help. As far as I know, we are his only advocates at this point in time. I will call him Jonny (not his real name, but I want to … Continue reading

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Calm after the storm- response to Typhoon Haiyan

Background In early November, 2013, Pacific winds started to circle in an all-too-familiar pattern. These winds quickly intensified into a typhoon (a typhoon, hurricane, and cyclone are the same thing- just in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans, respectively). The … Continue reading

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Gays in Scouts

The recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to openly ban gay scouts and leaders has re-sparked the debate on the place of gay people in American society. In reading through stories, report, blogs, comments, it seems that … Continue reading

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Congressional Support for Brain Injured Veterans

Please copy and send this letter and the following language to your Member of Congress. Request: Contact Chairman Bill Young to support Appropriations Bill language to treat brain injury and PTSD // Subject: Help Civilian Practitioners Solve the Traumatic Brain … Continue reading

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Americans Helping Veterans

I feel very strongly about supporting our military. I have tried about a dozen times to join any one of the branches of our Armed Services and I have been turned down about a dozen times because I only have … Continue reading

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San Bruno Fire After Action Report/Technology Debrief

San Bruno Fire Blog Post This is transcribed from the After Action Report from the unofficial Technology Debrief after the San Bruno Gas Explosion and Fire.  The Debrief was called by me (Luke Beckman), formerly the Director of Disaster Operations … Continue reading

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